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Green Garden is an Ecuadorian company, founded more than 19 years ago. Located in Ecuador, in the middle of the world (equator), Green Garden’s fruits and vegetables get direct sun light, which makes them more tasty, colorfull, sweeter, as well as their great quality.

Besides, the company guaranties very high quality standards whithin all their products, which nowadays reach more than a hundred in Ecuador. All these, thank to the company processes and the human team.

Most of the company’s employees in plantations come from rural zones and poor families, and, thank to their jobs, they and their families are getting ahead and improving their economic situation. These is part of our “Social Responsability” and “Comunity Economic and Social Development” Programs.


Our Certifications


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General Regulations.


Certification towards social aspects. 


Hawaiian Papaya is a tropical fruit. Those foot hills which enjoy a mild winter are ideal for it’s cultivation.
Besides, when the fruits receive direct sun (equator), they can get the redish color and sweeter flavor, which also means better quality fruits.



  • Source of vitamins B and C, and minerals such as potassium.
  • Helps digestion and purifyes the body.


Full- Year

Packaging for Exports
20 pallets per container

  • 3,5kg Boxes: 210 boxes per pallet
  • 4,5kg Boxes: 180 boxes per pallet

Caliber per box

  • 3,5kg Boxes: 6, 7, 8, 9 a 10 units per box
  • 4,5kg Boxes: 6, 7, 8, 9 a 10 units per box

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